About Me

I am a 22 year-old photographer and retoucher located out of Minneapolis, MN, with a focus in the South Metro area. I've been working as a professional photographer locally since 2012, specializing in portraiture, fashion and editorial work, and scenic landscape/wildlife photography. 

For the past eight years I have been educating myself in the craft of photography while immersing myself in the vibrant community of artists and photographers in the local Twin Cities metro area. Additionally – and on the more technical side — I have been learning the in-depth applications of Photoshop and various other programs included in Adobe's Creative Cloud.

The foundation of my commercial business is based around capturing senior pictures for soon-to-be high school graduates. In the years 2013 and 2014 alone, I scheduled and photographed 50+ Senior picture sessions — during the years before and after I graduated from high school myself. 

I continue to collaborate with fellow creatives in the community, expanding my professional and creative network in Minnesota and beyond. Opportunity for growth has been abundant in my creative career so far, and my time in Minneapolis College of Art & Design's Web & Multimedia program helped to expose me to even more inspiration and technique. In the future I aim to further establish my reputation as a freelancer and business owner in the area. I also hope to seek out larger projects where I might be able to play a role as a contributing member at a creative studio or agency.

Portrait Credit (above) to Hannah Fligel Photography