The Church Sisters

It’s been such a while since I’ve been able to update my blog, let alone my website! I’ve started my freshman year of college at Minneapolis College of Art and Design this fall. Art school is far more work than I could’ve ever expected. The difference between completing a set of math/science problems and doing a painting/drawing for a class is that the latter is completely subjective. It’s really difficult to know when to stop, and it turns out that a lot of us artists are very prone to perfectionistic tendencies. But nonetheless, I love every minute of it and I’ve made such great friends here already!

Now I’ve got only a little over a week of classes left and then I’ll be wrapping up my other remaining sessions as quickly as possible. Can’t wait to get caught up! It will be really nice to get a breather from college during winter break, even if I’ll still be plenty busy with work. But tonight, I just had to post a quick preview from this session because I am so completely in love with these photos!

I wrapped up this gallery yesterday amid finals week, since this family really wanted to use at least one of the photos for this their Christmas card this year. These beautiful sisters have been my neighbors for essentially forever, and the middle sister was actually one of my seniors last year for the class of ‘14! I was so pleased with how the images turned out, especially considering how we literally had the perfect autumn day for shooting – weather, lighting, setting and all. I’m crossing my fingers that they’ll decide to order a canvas print of one of the images, because I can tell these will look amazing in print!

Weiers Siblings

Photographed this dynamic duo earlier this summer, who are always a blast to work with. Two years ago I photographed them when I was just starting out my photography business work, and I’m so appreciative of their lasting support. Now they’re both heading off to college in Massachusetts – they’re both oh so smart! I still can’t believe how much has changed, even since I first met Chloe in middle school. There’s something special about knowing people for so long, even if you’re not constantly in touch… Because when you do catch up, you can really see how far we’ve all come.

Janelle’s Guatemalan Shoot

Janelle wanted to get some photos taken in her Guatemalan-styled clothing before she traveled out of the country to go there in a couple weeks for a mission trip – and I’ve gotta say, I absolutely love the look and am so excited for her! I’m sure it will be an absolutely amazing trip (:

Stephens Family

It was such a blast getting to photograph these goofballs! This was one of my first family/children photo shoots, but it went fabulously, even if the kids had a little trouble staying still for long. So much energy at that age! Fortunately these guys got to go run around on the playground afterwards and get at least some of it out of their systems.