Photo Editing & Retouching

As someone who was first introduced to the creative realm of Adobe Photoshop software as early as ten years old, the possibilities of digital-age editing have always fascinated me. Portraiture became a particular passion of mine after I picked up photography in 2012 — and with my perfectionistic tendencies, I continually held myself to higher and higher standards of quality with my skin retouching, color editing, and image-manipulation/cleanup. I watched countless videos and tutorials online, and slowly familiarized myself with today’s industry standards by looking up to the likes of Solstice Retouching’s Pratik Naik, and Retouching Academy’s Julia Kuzmenko.

Photoshop is a means to refine and realize the creative vision of an artist, when reality can only bring us so far. Our minds’ eye — our memory, in essence — typically views and remembers the world in an idealized form. Photoshop allows photographers and other digital artists to see this vision through to the final product. Photo editing and retouching can be taken to any lengths desired by the original image’s creator. As a freelance image editor, I wish to communicate with my fellow creatives to help them define the extent of refinement or manipulation they wish to see in their work and collaborate with them to ensure they stay true to their creative vision.

On this page, you can view a selection of before-and-after examples of my editing work, either in stills side-by-side or in animated GIF form. More of my GIFS can be found in higher, expandable resolution at my GIPHY profile. If you have any questions about what I am capable of accomplishing digitally through Adobe’s Photoshop and Lightroom programs, please contact me for more information and rates on a per-image and by-quality basis.

Thank you for taking interest in my aspirations to pursue freelance retouching! 

1. Original RAW SOOC — 2. Lightroom Edit — 3. Photoshop Retouch & Final Edit