What to Wear for Senior Pictures?

1. A casual, comfortable outfit. Jeans (shorts, capris, or long) with any top you'd like.

2. If you're a girl, a dress or something formal/fancy. If you're a guy, a dress shirt or button-up with whichever pants you'd prefer.

3. An outfit of your choice — your favorite outfit. Something that represents you — OR if you're in an activity or sport and you have a uniform/costume/etc, feel free to bring and wear that. In that situation, bring any props that you might like to photograph with as well (baseball bat/glove, tennis racket, golf club, guitar, instrument, headphones, hats, beloved stuffed animal, anything).

  • Try not to wear complex prints and patterns. Be simple – nothing that will distract from you!
  • Please avoid brand names and symbols on your clothes!
  • You can be as fashionable as you'd like, but remember that the camera's going to be focusing on you more than your clothes. Unless you make a request for me to emphasize a certain accessory, don't expect me to get a shot that makes something stand out really well.

Tips for shooting!

  • Weather in Minnesota can be a bit unpredictable, to say the least, and we can never be absolutely certain whether it's going to rain or shine. Be prepared for the weather! However, if it is severe enough, rescheduling may be necessary.
  • In the case of burning-hot summer temperatures, make sure to bring a towel, cloth, face-wipe, or anything you may have to pat and dry your face with. Beforehand — girls! — feel free to powder your face a bit, and if you'd like, bring your makeup along in case we need to do any touching up. Avoiding a shiny face is extremely important for your session!
  • Chapstick! Dry lips are never attractive!
  • Please, girls - make sure you have either clean, unpolished nails, or fully painted nails!
  • Make sure you have tried your clothes on before your shoot - I know a lot of seniors will go out and buy something new to wear for their session! Make sure your outfits are both comfortable and fitting, and check to see that they do not expose any undergarments (esp. bras and straps).
  • If you're wearing heels for your pictures, make sure to bring a pair of flip-flops. We will do some walking no matter where we are photographing, and I would like to make sure your feet don't have to suffer for however long we happen to be shooting.

Rules and Policies

1. Unless you buy or receive copyrights for the images, you cannot manipulate them or crop them in your favor, nor can you print them for commercial use. Print releases, which are provided with all senior sessions, do NOT allow you these rights. Print releases can be used for personal use only. 

2. Every client must print and fill out a model release form. Adolescents (under eighteen) must obtain a signature from a parent or guardian. Obtaining a parent signature before arriving at the shoot and completing the form is mandatory. The form can be found under "Seniors" in the navigation bar.

3. Inclusion of a link to my page in the description of your picture if you choose to use it as profile picture on Facebook or post it elsewhere online is always welcome! Accreditation is always a courteous gesture! If an image is posted online, however, removal of the watermark is prohibited.

4. If you choose to upload your images to Facebook, please check the box in the lower left-hand corner labeled "High Quality". If you don't, it shall bring me shame, for one, and more importantly, it will make your images look far worse than they actually are. Please, just check the box... ✓

5. Be prepared to smile and have fun!